Franziska Stünkel is a photo artist and is quite a storyteller. She travels around the world with her camera looking for still authentic places. Wherever she is, Africa, Asia, Amercia or Europe, she catches fragile motives in the shop window reflections. Stünkel brings two parallel worlds together, sometimes so different that one could hardly imagine that there is only a thin window glass between them. Another paradoxical thing about Franziska Stünkel’s art is her ability to transform highly figurative motives into abstraction. Material objects sometimes lose their materiality in her works and tend to become symbols. Through window reflection, some objects are deprived of their original context and become isolated. There is something very ephemeral in her artwork; colors and structures receive transparency through the reflection and symbolize the fragility of our life.The dimensions and quality of her artwork allow a viewer to enter another reality. No matter on which continent Stünkel creates the image, she manages to depict something very familiar and very estranged at the same time. Her photography is candid photography of life and our surroundings.


Franziska Stünkel’s imagery is not only multi-layered and complex, but worthy of closer examination. The German Leica photographer has spent ten years working on the Coexist series now being presented in Salzburg from October 18 until February 9, 2020. The large-format Diasec prints, show mesmerizing reflections captured while Stünkel was travelling in Asia, Africa, Europe and America. Using her M9, the photographer repeatedly manages to produce surprising imagery that captures the atmosphere of each particular location. The pictures layer colours, shapes and reflections of light caught in the fleeting moments of everyday life, producing photographically recognisable realities. Stünkel avoids any type of digital post-production: she is only interested in authentic moments on the street. Finally however, it is the images seen in their original format that lead the viewer to a truly attractive impression of the world. While reproducing reality, the motifs are also visual, artistic constructions.



Oct. 17th, 2019 – Febr. 15th, 2020




Franziska Stünkel attended the Art College in Kassel and the Academy for Fine Arts in Hannover. She studied filmdirecting and selected photography as her minor. After graduating, she honed her craft as a student of the acclaimed German director and university professor Uwe Schrader. She finished with a diploma and received her Meisterschüler, master of art. Non-university, the Danish Dogma screenwriter Mogans Rukov (Das Fest / Festen) coined the cinematic work of Franziska Stünkel. He was her lecturer on the ‘Talents 2003’ scholarship. As a participant of the ‘Berlinale Talent Campus’ Franziska Stünkel was taught by other international lecturers.


Since ten years Franziska Stünkel has been working on her ongoing photographic series ‘Coexist’. Her photographs are presented in museums and galleries until today. Franziska Stünkel has been travelling with her Leica camera through Asia, Africa, Europe and America in search of natural reflections in windows, which, in their concentration, tell of the coexistence of human life. Charged with the utmost complexity, her photographs are the visualization of the similarities and contrasts that exist in our multifaceted, networked world. The artist completely dispenses with the digital post-processing of her photographs. Franziska Stünkelhas been awarded with the ‘Audi Art Award’ and the ‘Berlin Hyp Art Award’. In 2019 the Kehrer publishing house releases her fine arts book ‘Coexist’ . The Leica Photography International Magazine describes her photographs as ‘overwhelming picture results’. The “Coexist Part 5 America” exhibitions will start in January 2020.


Franziska Stünkel’s films have screened in 19 countries and at over 100 international film festivals, where they received numerous awards. Her film “Wünsch Dir Was / Make a wish” was shown in Cannes as part of the “Next Generation” series. “Vineta“ is Franziska Stünkel’s first full-length movie and features an impressive cast, including Peter Lohmeyer, Ulrich Matthes, Justus von Dohnanyi, Matthias Brandt and Susanne Wolff. “Vineta“ premiered at the Munich Film Festival and was later invited to numerous international film festivals, including Shanghai, Calcutta and New York. Franziska Stünkel was awarded the “Otto-Sprenger-award” for her work as director of the film. Her screenplay was nominated for several prestigious awards, including “Förderpreis Deutscher Film“ for best German film and the “Prix Genève Europe” for best European screenplay. In Germany “Vineta“ was released theatrically as well as on DVD in 2008. In 2009 the film aired on ARD, one of the main German public broadcasters. Furthermore Franziska Stünkel directed the 15-hour documentary “Der Tag der Norddeutschen,” a film about one day in the lives of 121 Germans from the northern part of Germany. 750 hours of footage were gathered on a single day and edited, under her direction, into a 15-hour documentary. Franziska Stünkel worked with a team of 400 members. “Der Tag der Norddeutschen“ aired as a special massive televison event in its entirety on the NDR. Edel-Motion released the film as a DVD box. The work of Franziska Stünkel is also characterized by her passion for music. She made a concert film and music videos, i.a. for the bands “Fury In The Slaughterhouse” and “Selig”. Franziska Stünkel is currently preparing the shooting of her movie “Nahschuss/Shot at close range” as a director and scriptwriter.


Berlin Hyp Art Award
Audi Art Award
Otto-Sprenger Filmdirector Award
Nominated Prix Geneve Europe, Best European Screenplay
Nominated Förderpreis German Film
Berlinale Talent Scholarship
Best New Director Award New York
Nominated Boje Buck Screenplay Award
Best short movie national, Int. Filmfestival Dresden
Audience Award des Cine Mexiko
Award Sehsüchte, Babelsberg Studios
Best screenplay Up & Coming European Cinema
vgf scholarship
Scholarship Film of the State of Lower Saxony

Honoured in 2015 with the official award of her hometown Hannover


Hannah-Arendt-Days, member of bord of trustees  (since 2008)
TUI Stiftung, member of bord of trustees (since 2014)
Spreewald-Literature-Scolarship, curator  (since 2008)
Spreewald-Literature-Scolarship, chair of awarding committee (since 2008)
Art commission of State Representative of Lower Saxony to the Federal Government in Berlin, member (2014-2018)
Kunstverein Hannover, member of advisory council (2015-2018)
Cast & Cut film scholarship, member of awarding committee (since 2004)
Kulturkometen, member of awarding committee (since 2013)
Award Social Youth Projects TUI Foundation, member of jury (since 2012)
Filmfestival Nordische Filmtage, member of awarding committee (2010)
Juliane Bartel Women Media Award, member of awarding committee (2009)


Spiegel / Stern / TAZ / Süddeutsche Zeitung / Art Magazin / Monopol / Lfi International Photo Magazin / Vogue / Hamburger Abendblatt / Westdeutsche Allgemeine / Münchener Abendzeitung / Berliner Zeitung / Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung / Badische Zeitung / Hannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung / Neue Presse / Nordwest Zeitung / Rhein Main Press / Main Post / Westfalenpost / Gala / Für Sie / Filmecho / TV Digital / TV Spielfilm / Kino Zeit / Cinema / Prinz / Nobilis / Stadtkind / Tip Berlin / Zitty Berlin / etc.

Deutsche Welle TV / ARD / ZDF / Rtl / BR / NDR / MDR / Deutschlandradio Kultur / Kulturradio / Fritz / NDR Kultur / NDR Info / NDR 2 / N Joy / Hr 2 / Hr Info / ffn / Radio Antenne / Rbb Fritz / Rbb Kultur / Swr 2 / Wdr 3 / Star Fm / Kiss Fm / etc.

honorary position

Ambassador of North German bone marrow donation registry NKR (since 2010)
Ambassador of the Lower Saxony Foundation for families in need (2010-2014)
Ambassador of the Volunteer Center Hannover  (since 2011)
Profugos Initiative for refugees, member of (2016-2017)


Member of the BVR Federation of German Directors
Member of Pro Quote Film
Member of the film and media office Lower Saxony
Member of the Kre (h) tiv Network



Franziska Stünkel
Postfach 5847
D 30058 Hannover Germany


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